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Get a brand new Website design for your club
Clevernet Solutions will design a new website based on your preferences. We use the information you give us to create three mock website designs for you to review. We then take your comments from your review to create a second round of designs and finally create the final version from you review of round 2.

Customized Email formats
All emails sent from the system are in rich html format. We use the design from your approved design of your site to create the design of your emails

StreamlineSport Implementation
Once we have the approved designs, we integrate the design into the streamlinesport software. Your entire website will be database driven and backed up nightly.

Customizing the Streamlinesport system to your club
In the settings menu, you can customize some settings and add club information. Adding your club address information, default country and state/province settings, add any waivers your members must agree to and adding committees and committee descriptions that your members may be interested in joining.

Adding staff
Add all club staff members including bios and pictures. Once these staff members are added, you can send them dedicated email so they can update their information on thier own.

Adding groups
Add all the group in the club including schedules and fee schedules. Assign coaches to these groups.

Streamlinesport content management system
Once your site has been turned on with Streamlinesport, you have the ability to fully manage the entire navigation. Streamlinesport comes with many pre-defined "System" Pages that can be moved around as part of the main public menu, member only menu or remain as single pages to be accessed by links or the known address.

Adding Pages
Adding pages to your site takes less than a minute. The pages you add can be moved around to be viewed as a menu item, a sub menu item or a single page. Your menu is created dynamically to absolutely no programming is necessary. Dropdown menus, fly-out menus are generated by the system. All you have to do is drag the page to the appropriate place in the navigation center and your site now has a new page. Once a page is added, you do not need to post this page to the site right away. You can add all the content for the page first, then post it to the site for access by your members and web users

Managing page content
Adding content to a page is as easy as using Microsof Word. Our web editor allows you to manage fonts, tables, bullets, etc. The Image manager allows you to upload images to make your page move lively. If there is a file that must be added, use the document manager to load it onto the page so your members can access the documents.

News items
From the website console, you can manage all the news items that appear as links on your site and the full articles. Each article has a date, title, blurb and full article. You can choose to display just the title or the the title and blurb on your home page. Each of these comes with a "read more" link that brings the user to the full article. There is no need for you to add these extra pages. The system does it for you.

Group Pages
Each group in your club can have a group page that can be split into multiple sections. These pages can be edited by the group coach, the system administrator or a parent. This access is given to each individual on a permission basis. These group pages are made available to those associated to these groups in the members area. Important upcoming schedule changes, meet information or club events can be placed here for review.

Calendar functionality
A club calendar and individual group calendars can be added and managed from the admin section. Group coaches and/or parents can be given access to add calendar events which can then be viewed by the members of the club or individual group. Calendar events are given a name, assigned a category (for color coordination) and full details. Full details are managed through our editor which means images and documents can be added.

Member registration
All members can register through the sytem, allowing your administrator to free up time of typing and reduce the chance of mistakes. All members, once approved and activated by the administrator can access the members area of the site where at the very least, depending on what pages are placed in the members section, they can update their personal information.

Member assignments
Each user in the system is given the default permission setting of no access to the administration area. They all have access to the members area. Once members are registered with the the club, they can be assigned positions in the board of directors, assigned to committees and assigned as specific "Group Parents". group parents have access to specific group functionality in the admin area. These permissions include group emails, Group Calendar and group pages.

Member Pages
This area may include group calendars, group pages, private club information such as minutes of board meetings, club specific events or any other pages that are deemed private.

You can filter the membership into various lists such as athletes, parents, volunteers to send out dedicated emails. All emails use the rich html design set up in the initial stages. Coaches and assigned parents can access their group only for email purposes. Each email can be created with inserted images using our web editor and files can also be inserted into the emails.

System Pages
The streamlinesport system comes pre-loaded with many pages to make the management of the club easier. We have termed these pages as "System Pages" as they are preformatted to fit into you website. There is no need to create tables or page names as this is taken care of be streamlinesport. These system pages incude:

This page displays the latest blurbs of news items that have been added to the system. This page can be placed in the menu or accessed from any link placed on the site or in an email.

News archive
This page displays all of the news items posted to the system. This page can be placed in the menu or accessed from any link placed on the site or in an email.

Lost and Found
This page allows members to list any items lost. You can add your contact information and descitpion of the lost item. You can also post found items with desciptions and contact information

Equipment Excange
All athletes grow out of thier equipment at one point in the sporting life. This is the area where you can post items that you no longer need or post a wanted item. Descriptions, contact information and pictures can be added.

Calendar (Group and club)
The club calendar is a preloaded item in streamlinesport. group calendars, once added by the administrator become system pages and can only be edited from within the calendar section

Group Pages
Once group pages area added they are assigned as system pages and can only be modified from the group pages section

Board of Directors
Once members had been assigned to board of director positions, this systme page can be moved to any section of the site.

Coaching List
Once the coaches are added to the system, this page displays a formatted grid with the name, contact email and a link to their bio page. Bios can include a picture of the coach

Group schedules
Once groups have been added to the system, this page is populated with a group filter that, when a group is selected, the coach(es) and workout schedules are displayed

Meet information
If your club hosts meets, you can display the meet information by using this module. Adding the meet name, dates, facilty, meet package event files and description, and once the meet is over, the results file and results document, is easy. This information is displayed is a formatted page for easy viewing.

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