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50Mar. 18, 2009Sarah NobleManta Swim Club to make the plunge with StreamlineManta Swim Club has signed on with Clevernet Solutions to get a brand new website that incorporates the Streamline Sport System.
49Feb. 19, 2009Sarah NobleSwim Manitoba signs on with Streamline SportSwim Manitoba is now the second provincial-level organization to join forces with Clevernet Solutions.
48Feb. 01, 2009Sarah NobleThe St. James Seals new website is online and ready for action!The St. James Seals' new website is up and running - after only a few weeks of preparation!<br>
47Dec. 03, 2008Sarah NobleThe St. James Seals to get a new, professional website courtesy of Streamline!The Saint James Seals has contracted with Clevernet Solutions to get a brand-new website! Their current site was lacking the functionality it needed for its growing club and members.<br>
45Nov. 04, 2008Sarah NobleCarleton Place Water Dragons sign with Streamline SportsCarleton Place Water Dragons are looking forward to their new site designed by the developers at Clevernet Solutions<br>
46Oct. 16, 2008Sarah NobleThe West Vancouver Otters Swim Club slated to have a new site!The West Vancouver Otters Swim Club just signed with Clevernet Solutions to have a new website created, enabling them to manage their club with the great features offered by the Streamline Sport application. <br>
42Aug. 31, 2008Sarah NobleOakville Aquatic Club now has a brand-new website!Oakville Aquatic Club's new website is now live and functional for current and new club members.<br>
44Aug. 31, 2008Sarah NobleThe Charlottetown Bluephin's new website is onlineThe Charlottetown Bluephins Swim Club's website is online and ready to be used by its members.<br>
41Aug. 26, 2008Sarah NobleClarington Swim Club Launches Its New SiteClarington Swim Club now has a brand-new site through Clevernet Solutions.<br>
37Aug. 11, 2008Sarah NobleCharlottetown Bluephins Get On Board with Streamline SportThe Charlottetown Bluephins have signed with Clevernet Solutions for the new design and layout of their club website.
39Aug. 07, 2008Sarah NobleSurrey Knights Swim Club Launches Their New SiteThe Surrey Knights Swim Club website is now live and available for use from all of its members and guests.<br>
33Jul. 20, 2008Shirley KutcherThe Surrey Knights Swim Club Joins the Streamline Sport team.The Surrey Knights Swim Club has joined forces with Clevernet Solutions to build a new Web presence for the Swim Club.&nbsp; <br>
34Jul. 10, 2008Shirley KutcherWaterloo Region Nordic Ski Club Signs with Clevernet Solutions to Develop their new WebsiteThe Waterloo Region Nordic Ski Club recently joined many clubs in becoming a subsciber to the Streamline Sport service provided by Clevernet Solutions&nbsp; <br>
32Jun. 25, 2008Shirley KutcherRegion of Clarington Swim Club will launch it's new sitelThe Region of Clarington Swim Club has contracted Clevernet Solutions to design their new Swim Club Website. The new site will be powered by Streamline Sport, Clevernet's showcase service.
35May. 27, 2008Shirley KutcherCanadian Dolphin Swim Club signed with Clevernet for their new websiteThe Canadian Swim Club and Clevernet will be working hand in hand for the new design and layout of their website. "We are all excited to be working on the club's new website", said Chuck Meklensek, CEO of Clevernet Solutions.<br>
30Apr. 21, 2008Shirley KutcherRichmond Hill Aquatic Club to launch new Streamline Sport WebsiteRichmond Hill Aquatic Club has decided on using the Streamline Sport services provided by Clevernet Solutions of Kitchener, Ontario.<br>
31Jan. 17, 2008Shirley KutcherValley East Waves Contracts Clevernet for Streamline SportValley East Waves have decided on Streamline Sport for their first Club Website.
24Jan. 07, 2008Shirley KutcherToronto Swim Club worked with ClevernetThe Toronto Swim Club worked with Clevernet for their newly-designed website, and the implementation of the Streamline Sport software that will be beneficial to the club and it's members as well.
28Dec. 18, 2007Shirley KutcherChatham "Y" Pool Sharks to use Streamline Sport for their Club WebsiteChatham "Y" Pool Sharks Swim Team is using Streamline Sport for their new website.
27Dec. 15, 2007Shirley KutcherBarrie Trojans Swim Club signs with Clevernet SolutionsBarrie Trojans Swim Club has signed on with Clevernet Solutions to implement a Streamline Sport powered Website for the Club.
22Nov. 23, 2007Shirley KutcherClevernet Solutions launches new Brantford Aquatic Club WebsiteThe Brantford Aquatic Club now have a new updated Web presence.&nbsp; Their new Streamline Sport Powered Website can now used to better comunicate to its members, manage online Swim-A-Thon and so much more.
21Nov. 20, 2007Shirley KutcherFort McMurray Swim Club launched its new website.Fort McMurray launched its new website, courtesy of Clevernet Solutions. The club used the Streamline web management software for the development of their site.
15Sep. 20, 2007Shirley KutcherVernon Kokanee Swim Club Launches new WebsiteVernon Kokanee Swim Club recently launched their new website. The new site is powered by the Streamline Sport Web management software delivered by Clevernet Solutions.
12Sep. 17, 2007Shirley KutcherOshawa Aquatic Club launched its new websiteThe Oshawa Aquatic Club launched its newly designed website. Clevernet Solutions is proud to be the OSHAC Website provider.
17Sep. 14, 2007Shirley KutcherMavericks Water Polo Club ready for a change.The Mavericks Water Polo Club are off for a change, and that is a new website courtesy of Clevernet Solutions. The club decided to have some changes in their site, and chose Clevernet's software for their needs.
14Sep. 07, 2007Shirley KutcherThe Wilmot Aquatic Aces Swim Club has launched a new WebsiteThe Wilmot Aquatic Aces Club Website is now powered by Streamline Sport. Clevernet is glad to give the club services that will be helpful for the members and the staff as well.
26Sep. 05, 2007Shirley KutcherHyack launches their new Swim Club WebsiteHyack Swim Club decided to work with Clevernet Solutions to design and build their new Swim Club Website.&nbsp; The new Streamline Powered Website is now online and being used by the Club.
19Aug. 21, 2007Shirley KutcherRavens of Carleton Swimming launches new club WebsiteThe Ravens of Carleton have launched their new Swim Club Website with the help of Clevernet Solutions.&nbsp; THe New Streamline Sport powered Website now offer a gamit of services to club managemnt, coaches and members.
11Aug. 12, 2007Shirley KutcherScarborough Swim Club made the decision to move to a Streamline Sport systemThe club decided to use Clevernet's Streamline Sport Software for their website. Clevernet, on the other hand is very eager to help the club for the development of Scarborough's new website.
18Aug. 12, 2007Shirley KutcherAjax Aquatic Club in for a new look.Ajax Aquatic Club has a new look for their site. They have worked with Streamline's web management software for the development of their new site.
13Jul. 29, 2007Shirley KutcherThe Kingston Blue Marlins and Clevernet working together for the club's new website.The Kingston Blue Marlins Swim Club recently launched its new website powered by Clevernet. The newly designed website is now more informative and easy to use.
10Jun. 11, 2007Shirley KutcherCascade Swimming Signs on with Clevernet to Use Streamline SportCalgary-based Cascade Swimming has signed on to use the Streamline Sport club management software offered by Clevernet Solutions. The Kitchener company is excited to begin work on the club's new Website system.
23Feb. 21, 2007Shirley KutcherOakville Aquatic Club signs on with Clevernet to Use Streamline SportOakville Aquatic Club is now using Streamline Sport's web management software for their new site. Clevernet is delighted to have worked on the club's new site.

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Swim Manitoba signs on with Streamline Sport
Feb 19, 2009
The St. James Seals new website is online and ready for action!
Feb 01, 2009
The St. James Seals to get a new, professional website courtesy of Streamline!
Dec 03, 2008
The West Vancouver Otters Swim Club slated to have a new site!
Oct 16, 2008
Oakville Aquatic Club now has a brand-new website!
Aug 31, 2008
The Charlottetown Bluephin's new website is online
Aug 31, 2008

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