Swim Club Management

Maximize your control and Minimize your time.  This is what 
STREAMLINESPORT can do for you.  Tools that help you 
manage YOUR club.  Made by coaches and Club managers 
to help coaches and clubs

  • Acquire new members
  • Service Current Members
  • Save time and Money

Maximize your ROI

Let STREAMLINESPORT do the work for
you in a fraction of the time

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Swim Club Management Features

COVID daily assessment tool integrated with the Attendance Module

New club Website
ORANGEBLACK Software will design a new responsive website based on your preferences. Your club should display the professionalism on the Web it deserves.
Customized Email formats
All emails sent from the system are in rich html format. We use the design from your approved design of your site to create branded email 
Content Management System
Once your site has been turned on with Streamlinesport, you have the ability to fully manage the entire navigation. You have access to manage YOUR content!
News items
Manage all the news items to be displayed on your site.  Keep your current and potential members up to date with our news module.
Calendar functionality
Manage the club calendar and segregate by groups making it easy for club members to find the information that is pertinent to them.
Photo Gallery
Manage your clubs photo gallery. Easily upload a zip file of all your event photos and allow your members and/or the public to view.
Member registration
All Member registrations are done through your Website.  Members must agree to the waivers you have to complete their registrations.  You have full access to approve or deny any registration.
Member Pages
Your members have access to a private and secure area.  From these pages, members can view upcoming meets, pay their bill and view any member only information you posted.
Club Records Management
Easily manage your club records simply by uploading the HyTek or Splash Team Manager Results file received from Meet Managers.  New club records are automatically identified.
Volunteer Management
Set up events and positions for members to sign up for. Keep track of points easily to be sure the work is spread across your entire membership.
Getting information out to your members is so easy with STREAMLINESPORT.  You have the ability to save emails for re-use to contact any member or groups of members.  
Coaches can easily track club attendance through the online Attendance utility.  Coaches will love the ease of marking attendance right from their phones. 
Meet Listing
Manage your list of meets by group and notify members of entries by uploading your Hytek or Splash Team Manager Entry file.  Billing is automatically sent to member accounts for online payments.
Pledging Module
Running a Swim-A-Thon to raise funds? Well STREAMLINESPORT has just made the cost go down significantly and the fundraising go up as well with the Fundraising Module. You will love how easy this is to use!
Account Management
Powerful reporting makes it easy to stay on top of all member accounts. Easy-to-use reports allows you and your members to know exactly where you stand with any club billing.
Making Club management simpler at a cost your club can afford
Website Management
Group Management
Online Registrations
Automatic Billing
Meet Entries
Club Records
Splash HyTech Integration
Financial Reporting
Online Shopping Cart
Pledging Module
Member Communication
Private Member Area

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