We are very proud of our clients and the work they do in the swimming world.  They are happy with how we have helped them.  
Below are just some of the wonderful things our clients say about us.

The ESWIM club motto is "Committed To Excellence".
The Streamline Sport program provides the efficient, user friendly, supported and adjustable vehicle that enables me to administratively function at that excellence level.

This StreamlineSport program encompasses all my administrative functions for the entire Membership. I could not accomplish my job without it!

Linda Aach
ESWIM Club Administrator

Our cooperation with streamlinesport has been nothing else than exceptional. Mr. Meklensek and his team are available on a daily basis to help us improve our site or to deliver a better product through the plateform. It gives us all the options to upload to our web site and manage our clients through the Laurentides and Montreal regions.

Our goal is to have excellence in the water and our administration duties for our members. Keeping everything easy to understand for our clients and us. We have exceeded all of that with streamlinesport.

Alex Gendron
Head Coach, Natation Neptune

ROUGE et OR NATATION has been using streamlinesport since September 2019 and the results are impressive. We can do everything for the swim club: club website, registration, payments, emails to parents, billing, etc. Much more than Amilia and at a much lower cost.

I recommend STREAMLINE to all clubs in Canada.

Johanne Girardin

Streamlinesport has greatly helped our Swim Club with tools adapted to our reality and easy to use for our members. From the beginning to the end of the season, every step is easy and saves us a lot of time. The work of our volunteers and coaches is simplified and more effective.

Mr. Meklensek listens to our ideas and responds quickly to our requests. His extensive knowledge of the swimming world are indispensable assets and we recommend him without hesitation.

Marie-Christine Potvin
President, Club Aquatique LaSalle

Hello, I am the president of the Beaconsfield Bluefins. We began to launch our new system with OrangeBlack called streamline about a year ago. This new system is directed towards the swimming world and if fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. Like anything change is hard at first but with the great tech support at OrangeBlack and 24 hour service learning was not painful. There is definitely a time saving seeing each member does their part instead of the administrator and board members doing all the entries. Thank you for your continuous support to help us along the way, and we wish you all the best.

Carolyn Orsoli
President, Beaconfield Bluefins

Using Streamlinesport allows our club's administrators to manage registrations, monitor payments, and communicate news and upcoming events to our members all from one easy to use interface. No-nonsense and easy to use, Streamlinesport lets us update our website efficiently. We have almost tripled the number of swimmers in our club and this is the tool that helped us do it.

Steve Holt
President, Dorval Swim Club

The DDO Swim Club began using the Streamlinesport software this season. It's had a huge impact for our club, simplifying everything from registration to communication to group placements and even meet entries & scratches. It is very user friendly. Chuck and the orangeblack team are great to work with. They've thought of just about everything. This has is an amazing tool for our club and I would recommend to all clubs!

Matt Showers
Head Coach, DDO Swim Club

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